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The Holt Group LLC’s Vision is to serve the best legitimate business interests of its Clients to the maximum degree within the ethical boundaries of the legal profession.

In carrying out this Vision, the attorneys and staff of the Firm are committed to utilizing their professional skills, experience, intelligence, judgment, attention, and energy to:

  • Realistically evaluate the goals of each engagement based upon the applicable law and the factual information available in order to determine the appropriate legal strategy and tactics to be applied;
  • Assign appropriate personnel to each engagement in order to provide the efficacious legal representation of the Client’s interest;
  • Expeditiously and competently apply strategies and tactics to each engagement in order to most effectively move toward the achievement of the goals of the Client;
  • Develop a written plan of action, including an estimate of the anticipated legal fees, costs, and expenses to be incurred in the implementation of the plan to the Client;
  • Confer with the Client regarding the plan and the budget, inserting any modifications or adjustments and confirm the Client’s informed approval;
  • Consistently implement the legal strategies and tactics, and competently apply the Firm’s professional skills, procedures and resources to achieve the goals of the plan, within the budget, using technology efficiently and effectively;
  • Maintain regular and informed involvement of the Principal or other senior professionals assigned to the engagement in the oversight of all Firm staff;
  • Regularly inform the Client of the status of the engagement using email, traditional correspondence, the provision of copies of all material correspondence and work product received or produced during the engagement, along with meetings and conference calls with the Client consistent with the Client’s wishes;
  • Periodically review and, as necessary, adjust the plan, based on information, data, and developments occurring during the engagement;
  • Maintain focus on the Client’s interests and perspectives at all times;
  • Invoice the Client regularly for services and expenses in accordance with the terms of the Engagement Letter and applicable professional ethical requirements;
  • Work as a team always exerting the best professional efforts to produce consistently high quality work product and extraordinary results for the Client;
  • Be ever mindful that the “practice of law” is a business that requires the production of reasonable profits for the Firm’s services.
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