1675 Broadway, Suite 2100
Denver, Colorado 80202


  • Honest
  • Candid
  • Trustworthy
  • Cares about people, clients and human values
  • Able to maintain confidences and confidential information and data
  • Possession of a strong “work ethic”
  • Bright/above average intelligence
  • Competent in the skills and knowledge required for the position currently held
  • Professional
  • Committed to the delivery of high quality services to the Firm’s Clients on a consistent basis
  • Timely, dependable and reliable in work habits
  • Possesses good judgment and common sense
  • Has ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Good project and task management skills
  • Productive (based upon Firm guidelines) in applicable job classification
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Strong desire to work as a team member in a team oriented professional environment
  • Reasonably self-confident
  • Able to work without constant micromanagement or extensive direct supervision
  • Ability to listen and understand thoughts, concepts and relevant information

Highly Valuable

  • Unique and interesting personality
  • Varied background
  • Dedicated to the practice of law¬†and enjoys role in the Firm’s practice
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